I/V Curve


An I/V (Current-Voltage) curve is a graphical tool used to evaluate electronic circuit elements, where the current is plotted on the vertical Y-axis and the voltage is plotted on the horizontal X-axis.

In Practice

The I/V curve of a diode provides insights into its behavior in different biasing conditions. In the forward-biased region, the I/V curve shows when the diode begins to conduct current. On the other hand, in the reverse-biased region, the I/V curve indicates the breakdown point of the diode.

Reference and Further Reading

 For more detailed information on measuring I/V curves, you can refer to the provided reference link: "IV Curves Measurement" available at https://www.ossila.com/pages/iv-curves-measurement. This resource offers additional insights into the measurement and interpretation of I/V curves in electronic devices and solar cells.