Created: Oct/2019Last Updated: 07/05/2023


Fundamentals are the building blocks for any engineers in any field. There is no exception in hardware design; however we would structure the fundamentals around electronics system and provide with real world application where one would apply these fundamental theories


The ultimate object is to equip hardware design/system integration engineers with necessary essential engineering tools to aid them in design,  develop, and debug hardware system, and lastly bridge the gaps between practice and theory.


EE Basics 

Digital Communication Interface Basics 

Computer System Basics 

USB Charging Basics 

Battery Basics 

EMC Basics 

Audio Basics 

RF Basics 

Antenna Basics 

Connectivity Basics 

Embedded System Basics 

Low Power Basics 

Manufacturing Basics 

Testing Basics 

Product Design Basics 

Hardware Development Basics 

Compliance Basics