Digital Circuits

Created; 5/09/2020Last update: 5/09/2020


Digital circuits operate on logic levels, 0 or 1. It's consisting of logic gates. In electronic system, discrete logic gates and chips. help achieve simple digital I/O control and peripheral selection.


Logic gates & logic table

Protocol Bridge Chip

GPIO Expander

Design Analysis

Simple Data Storage

Microphone Mute Switch




What are common discrete logic vendors?

Nexperia, NXP, on-SEMI, etc. provides a comprehensive logic chips.

Which vendor is commonly used for USB to UART bridge?

FTDI chip is widely used.

Summary & Conclusion

Logic chips, bridge chips, and mux are the most common digital circuits used in for circuit signal control in electronic system.

Further Reading/Practice

Go through a catalog of different logic chips on Digikey and different vendors.