Cosmetic Reliablity Test

Created: 11/03/2020Last Updated: 11/03/2020


cosmetic test such as scratch/abrasion test for screen or product covers are used to ensure the product can withstand normal wears appropriately.

Test Overview

Abrasion/Scratch Test

  • It's with a wear eraser that goes back and forth. This test is subjective to each company so it's hard to define a spec here. An recommendation would be performing a competitive analysis with similar product on the market.

  • Here's a linear abraser test video from Taber (a company that makes the test equipment)

Chemical Sensitivity Test

  • This is test for delamination, discoloration, and swelling for product enclosure.

  • Various chemicals are used with Q-tips

    • common ones are hand sanitizer, dish detergent, glass cleaner, alcohol, etc.

Summary and Conclusion

  • Abrasion tests the finished product surface's (either flat or contoured) resistance to scratches and common wear and tear.

  • Chemical sensitivity tests the surface resistance to common household chemicals.

These tests are essential for product to have a longer lasting premium looks.