Factory Assembly Flow 


The image that comes to our mind when we hear factory is lines of workers sitting neatly along the assembly line piecing components together. However that is only a small part of the entire factory flow. The goal of manufacturing is high yield, hence lots of inspections and testings are placed along each stage to ensure quality. In this text, we will take a tour of a simplified factory flow for a embedded system electronics.


Before the factory starts cranking, there are few manual pretest that needs to be carried out ahead of time such as:

Stuffing options 

Factory Overview

Factory Test Flow

Block description

Material In house

Stencil Inspection

Incoming Quality Check (IQC)

Solder Paste Dispenser

Solder Paste Inspection Machine

SMT Pick and Place Machine

Reflow Oven

Automatic Optical Inspection

Test Software Image download station

In Circuit Test (ICT)


Functional Circuit Test (FCT)

Final Software Image download station

Outgoing Quality Check (OQC)

Pack out

Summary and Conclusion

Pretests and repeated inspections and testing are required    factory to deliver a high yield product. In the highly competitive hardware market, high yield process reduce costs, improves quality, and shorten the time to market.