Ethernet LAN

Created: 07/04/2023 

Last Updated: 07/04/2023


Local Area Network is a standard for connecting devices with a limited area such as home and office. They can be wired LAN or wireless, WLAN. The Ethernet Lans are the most common ones found in our home and or offices. They use Ethernet cables to connect devices into the local area network with 8-pin plug or jack.


Data communication Archiecture (OSI Model)

Hardware Components:

Comsumer Electronics Design:

In a typical consumer device such as a laptop, tv, wifi mesh extender, the embedded processer communicates with the network swtich via a phy receiver chip, which is chip that acts in the physical layer that converts digital data from an embedded processor into eletrical signals (i.e differential signals) that can be transmitted over a long distance using Ethernet cables (to be more precisely, a physical medium).

The PHY chip is responsible for a number of tasks, including:

The PHY chip is a complex piece of hardware, but it is essential for the reliable transmission of data over a network. By understanding how the PHY chip works, you can better understand how networks function and how to troubleshoot network problems.


The design of LAN Ethernet is a critical part of any network infrastructure. For consumer eletronics, the clocking, timing delays, placement of the phy receiver with respect to the ethernet port, are important design parameteres. Recommendation is to follow design guidelines closesly and be conservative.