System Designs

created: April/2020Last updated: 05/14/2020


Definition: System design is the process to come up with system architecture, subsystem modules, communication interface, data processing, transmission bandwidth and data storage to suffice product requirements.

Problem Statement: As electronic products becomes more digitized and integrated with various functionalities such as audio playback, motion sensing, wireless connectivity, etc., hardware system design is the major leap forward in consumer electronics that requires understanding of interdisciplinary domains.


Electronic system design can be found in various physical product industries such as military, automobile, medical, and consumer electronics. Basic design principles are the same but reliability constraints, certifications, are product life cycle, are very different. In this site, we limit our scope on electronic system design in consumer electronics.

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In order to be prepared as a electronic design engineers today, this design page overviews typical designs encountered in day to day smart device. By going through these design block diagram and analysis steps, a electronic system designer is equipped holistic understanding of system design areas and principles.


Sensor System

Power System

Wireless System


Digital System

Audio System