Effective Management and Optimization of 'Materials in House' 

Created: 5/17/2020Last Updated:08/19/2023

Definition: "Materials in House" pertains to the collective components that arrive in the factory's storage room. These are essential prerequisites before initiating the PCB SMT process and the product assembly.


1. What constitutes the "Materials in House" components?

2. How can one efficiently manage and track these materials? 

The schematic capture tool can produce a Bill of Materials (BOM) for both Electrical and SMT Mechanical parts. Typically, these parts are characterized by attributes like part number, part description, manufacturer part number, and quantity. To maintain an organized tracking system, it's essential to merge the computer-generated Electrical BOM with mechanically ordered parts and modules. A Product Life Management (PLM) system is a robust tool to manage this amalgamation effectively.

3. What strategies can be implemented to maintain an efficient "Materials in House" storage? To ensure a streamlined material inventory: