IC Protections


Integrated circuits are very sensitive to voltage spikes; power regulators has input and output electrical limits. In real world electronic operation, transients and sudden changes of power loads are quite common. To ensure the ICs are protected against these unforeseen variability of electrical voltage and current, proper IC protection circuits needs to be designed in order to enhance the readability of the product.

Types of Protections

ESD/High Voltage Transients

Over Voltage Protection (OVP)

Over Current Protection (OCP)

Reverse Voltage protection (RVP)


In Rush Current Limit Protection

Summary and Conclusion

OCP, OVP, in rush current protection are the three most common protection circuits that are used by electronics system engineers. However different components (e.g. fuse to OCP, NTC resistor for inrush current, transformer for transient voltages, etc.) are used for protection with higher voltage and current electronics, but the basic protections scheme is the same.