Our Mission: Pioneering Education and Consulting in Tech

Empowering Your Journey: Bridging the Gap Between Education and Industry

Welcome to HWE.DESIGN, a subsidiary of HWE Tech & Consulting, LLC. Our mission is simple yet impactful: to inspire and empower you. We aim to bridge the educational gap between academia and the real-world electronics industry. Our focus is on enhancing your system design thinking, strengthening your core engineering principles, and cultivating practical intuition.

As a senior hardware engineer with Silicon Valley experience, I've contributed to cutting-edge consumer electronics, including smartphones, TVs, smart speakers, LiDAR R&D, and AR&VR devices. Now, through HWE.DESIGN and HWE Tech & Consulting, LLC, I aim to serve as your mentor and guide.


The motivation behind crafting this platform is clear: to simplify your journey into the electronics industry and help you navigate the challenges that many face after college.

Cracking the Code: Navigating Electronic System Design

The world of electronics is ever-changing, and landing that dream job in Silicon Valley often requires specialized knowledge. That's where traditional education falls short and where we come in.

Our mission at HWE.DESIGN is twofold: 

1. Online Education: We empower aspiring systems engineers and professionals through comprehensive courses. Our curriculum is rooted in first-principles thinking and covers practical design fundamentals, system constraints, and cutting-edge techniques. Enhanced by visual aids, our courses make complex engineering topics digestible and relatable. 

2. Consulting Services: For businesses aiming to innovate in hardware systems, we offer expert consultation services. Our approach combines hands-on experience with a deep understanding of system design principles to guide your product development from concept to completion. completion. 

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Unlock opportunities in this exciting field with our educational and consulting services, designed to set you up for a thriving career in electronic system design.

Your Feedback Matters: Together, We Grow

We highly value your feedback as it helps us continually refine our offerings. Feel free to reach out with your insights and suggestions. You can find our contact information in the footer below.

Company Information

HWE.DESIGN is a subsidiary of HWE Tech & Consulting, LLC, registered in Delaware. We specialize in online education and consulting services in the fields of hardware, software, machine learning, and perception system design.

Let's embark on this journey of growth and transformation together.