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HardWare Engineering design is a learning and help center for students and young professional who wish to develop his/her career into electrical hardware design in the electronics industry.

System level Electrical Engineer Overview

Hardware System EE Overview

Key Objective

We provide free online self-study materials including basic engineering principles, design guidelines, system design, validation and verification, and general product development processes.


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Products & SeRvices

All interviews can be passed without Mock interview or Sample Q&As, but some learners have requested to include following services and products for last step preparation and have found them to be useful. Stats: few learners have been accepted by Apple and Facebook.

Mock interview (Over 60+ interviews conducted professionally)

  • 4 technical topics: EE fundamentals, high speed PCB board design, bring up and validation, and system design.

  • 60 USD for 45 mins covering 1 topic (Mock + feedback)

  • 100 USD for 1hour and 15 mins (Mock + feedback + explanation)

Mixed topics with reduced sets of questions would work as well.

Consulting (80 USD/HOUR)

  • If you would like to just discuss on any topics, please feel free to reach out.

Electrical Engineering Interview Questions and Answers Guides (4 Pieces)

Contents are based on successfully senior to staff level Electrical Engineer offers from Apple, Tesla, Google, and Amazon

Format is written in a concise question and answer format and contents are distributed as PDFs.

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EE Fundamentals Interview Q&A Prep Guide 19.99 9.99 (Draft) USD

Topics: Filters, Circuit Design, Opamp, Power Delivery, Signal Integrity, Transceiver PHY, Low speed interface, high speed interface, and Measurements.

High Speed PCB Design Interview Q&A Prep Guide 19.99 USD

Topics: power supply decoupling, power distribution network, high speed digital design layout

Manufacturing, Bring up, and Validation Interview Q&A Prep Guide (Available Soon)

System Design Interview Q&A Prep Guide (Available Soon)