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Interviews Preparation

These interview preps are formatted in a systematic way to assess and analyze and technical and presentation gaps. We provide comprehensive converage and materials that are shared with you after each interview prep with detailed feedback and example answers.

These preps are meant be conversational and challenging to push you to the next level.

About me: Numerous folks have recieved offers from Meta, Apple, and Amazon. Personally, I interviewed and received senior to staff level offers from Google, Apple, Meta, Tesla, and Amazon.

  • Topics Coverage:

    • EE fundamentals, EE MISC (e.g., High Speed PCB Design, Hardware bring up, validation and manufacturing), System design, and Behavior.

  • Pricing: 150 USD for 1hour (Mock Interview + feedback + explanation)*

*If you have financial difficulties and need urgent assistance, please inquire for a consumer-friendly price at xiaoshi@HWE.DESIGN.

  • What is the right preparation for you?

    • If you are looking for Internship positions: Strongly recommend one or two Mocks interviews on EE fundamentals depending on previous experience.

    • If you are looking for entry-level college graduate positions: Strongly recommend having 2 sessions on EE fundamentals and high-speed PCB design and 1 session on System Design depending on previous experience

    • If you are interviewing for mid to senior-level positions: Strongly recommend having a full interview with 5 sections ( 1-Preparation, 2-EE Fundamentals, 3-EE MISC, 4-System Design, 5-Behavior)

  • How are interview questions crafted?

    • Interview questions are crafted based on your experience and target job descriptions.

Consulting (150 USD/HOUR)

  • If you would like to have an engineering discussion session on any topics and questions you have, we can deep dive into these topics of yours.

STudy Guides

Electrical Engineering Interview Questions and Answers Guides (4 Pieces)

Contents are based on successfully senior to staff level Electrical Engineer offers from Meta, Apple, Tesla, Google, and Amazon

Format is written in a concise question and answer format and contents are distributed as PDFs.

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    • If the PDF didn't show up, please email me immediately and I will send you the updated PDF.

    • Questions are welcomed!

EE Fundamentals Interview Prep Guide 19.99 USD

Topics: Filters, Circuit Design, Opamp, Power Delivery, Signal Integrity, Transceiver PHY, Low speed interface, high speed interface, and Measurements.

High Speed PCB Design Interview Prep Guide 19.99 USD

Topics: power supply decoupling, power distribution network, high speed digital design layout

System Design Interview Prep Guide 24.99 USD

MISC Topics (Behavior, EE Manufacturing, Bring up, and Validation) Interview Q&A Prep Guide