Mission Statements

  • Bridge the gaps between institution and industry

  • Develop and enhance system design thinking

  • Build strong and practical engineering principles and intuitions

Problem Statement & Motivation

Electronic system design is an exciting and growing industry where one can make significant impact by delivering product to end consumers. However, product development design process and manufacturing knowledge is unique to industry. Product development information has very limited information online, and essentially none was taught in college institutions.

The objective is to provide a holistic introduction and detailed analysis on design, testing, and manufacturing process flow that enables students and young professionals to gain in depth knowledge and insights into electronics system product development.


This learning center is emphasized on product-centric hardware system development for consumer electronics.

All the materials will be focused on the engineering fundamentals, real world design trade-offs, essential hardware systems, and manufacturing processes with an end goal of delivering a quality product

About me: I am currently a senior hardware engineer in one the largest tech company at Silicon Valley, who has the industry experience in shipping consumer electronics such as smart phone, smart TV, smart speaker, etc.

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